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a man’s spirit sustains him

 Just this recent Sunday, my wife and I noticed this lady coming out of the driver’s side of a nice car, well made-up, sporting attire, bounce in her stride.


But for the knitted headwear covering a balded head, we did not guess that she is recovering from cancer. 


Her will to live out her life is inspiring.  My wife and I could not help but affirm the notion that a cheerful outlook and an appropriate fighting spirit would positively affect the outcome of any given trial.


The Bible confirms as much in Proverbs 18:14:

“A man’s spirit sustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?”


count your blessings

 Humans being humans spend too much time worrying over things that usually will not turn out quite as bad, if at all.


We fail to be be thankful for blessings we already enjoy.


As John Lennon puts it, “You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.”

birds are made for men

 I spent a quiet moment by my window this morning, enjoying the birds’ chirpings.  There were a rich variety of tunes, all of them sweet.


As I indulged, it occurred to me how the singing comes across at just the right level of decibels.  Like Goldilocks would say, “not too loud (that it becomes noise), and not too soft (that we miss it altogether) – it was just nice”.


It cannot be by chance that birds communicate at a volume that is pleasing to men. 


Scientific suggestions that birds and men evolved into what they are by chance, are not supported by the mathematical probability that both creatures should possess every organ they carry, functioning in exactly the way they do.


Multiply that now by the probability that the sounds exuded by one creature should invoke delight in another.


So if evolution did make any scientific sense at all, it certainly is not mathematically viable.


That birds singing should bring happiness to men must have been meticulously designed.  And guess what? This hypothesis is supported by Moses’ account in Genesis that God created all things for the benefit of mankind.