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the diminishing value of being punctual

 I chanced upon the ‘template’ folder as I meddled with my wife’s brand new touch screen LG KF600 mobile phone, and came across the canned message which says “I am late.  I will be there at ____.”


So I looked up the list of canned messages in my two-year-old Nokia model, and voila! there it is, the same message.


This must be a frequently sent message for phone manufacturers to include it in the template. 


Has being late become the norm?  Or worse, are the societies starting to view punctuality as an outdated and irrelevant value?  I certainly feel it is increasingly the case.


The conservative few who still make the effort to be on time think that they do so out of respect and consideration.  Therefore to them, those others, by carelessly turning up late, do so at the expense of their (the punctual fellows’) time, convenience and goodwill.