don’t take peace for granted


Hamas and Israel start on a truce today.  One of those stories that repeat so often in the papers that they can hardly be classified as news.


This truce pertains to the Gaza Strip.  General skepticism over whether it will last is captured in Israeli Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit’s comment.  “The idea is a complete ceasefire – no fire from anyone… if there is any violation of the agreement, the government is free to return to act with full force.”, he said.


His emphasis that there should be ‘no fire from anyone’ underscores how unlikely it is for all not to fire.  Imagine persevering in a place like that!


In the civil environment that the rest of us live in, we swarm ourselves with various other concerns.  But if we pause to think about the constant terror and fear that common Palestinians and Israelis are subjected to, our daily concerns pale by comparison.


Peace is one of those things that we ought to be thankful for.




One response to “don’t take peace for granted

  1. You’re right in stating that a ceasefire with this stipulation is hardly worth reporting. One bullet or firecracker and the whole thing falls apart.

    It’s not by any means a sincere attempt at establishing peace. It’s just another prelude to an excuse for the ongoing war.

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