sinking city

I used to associate direct use of groundwater with the rural areas and farms.  Wells, I thought, were a thing of the past.


In Jakarta, however, it is the factories, the hotels and the wealthy residents who draw water from wells.


The existing water utility companies are not coping with the demand from the city’s 14 million dwellers.  So, those with deep pockets dig even deeper wells to supplement their water needs.


This picture from wikipedia illustrates groundwater.

 The lowering level of groundwater, coupled with the piling developments on the surface, causes the city to sink.  If the estimates are correct, Jakarta will be underwater by 2025.


It doesn’t help that Jakarta is a coastal city.  The rising sea level from climate change will only aggravate the matter.


Just yesterday, parts of the city were inundated by a tidal wave brought about by astronomical interactions.



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