déjà vu in thailand

 There they go again. Thailand opposition People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has organized protests in Bangkok against Samak Sundaravej’s government.  Thaksin’s puppet installment, they call the government.


The nation’s majority had stubbornly voted Sundaravej’s People’s Power Party (PPP) into power in Dec 2007, knowing full well of PPP’s links with Thaksin, against the backgound that the military had booted Thaksin’s government in a coup.


On the other hand, the PAD and the elite are finding it hard to accept the will of the majority:  They must tear down Thaksin’s influence.  Never mind disruptions to daily routines.  Never mind impact on businesses and the economy.  Never mind if the military stages another coup – better still if it does, I may add, it will help their cause.


Maybe the people, the tourists and the investors will get used to the replay.







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