we were here first

 South Africans frustrated with the influx of foreigners,  particularly those from troubled Zimbabwe, Somalia and Malawi,  are taking the law in their own hands.  At least 22 people have been killed over the past week, many of them set ablaze.


Anti-immigration sentiment is neither new nor unique to South Africa.  ‘Locals’ everywhere in the world – Australia, Singapore, the US – have all lamented that foreigners zap resources and steal jobs.


Perhaps, the ‘local’ peoples’ reasoning is that of ‘we were here first’.  First come, first served.  Hence, their attitudes towards foreigners.


Ironically, ‘local’ peoples in most instances are hardly native.  In other words, they were not the first inhabitants of the land, either.






One response to “we were here first

  1. Karikoga Chaminuka

    I personally belive someone in outh Africa, high up in ANC is behind this wave of attack. Just take a look at who gets political milage while Foreigners suffer. The ANC leadership has failed to give leadership when it most needed. Perhaps foreigners should take the law into their own hands. The should drive the ZULUs out of Johanesburge and remind them that its ZEZURU(Now called Shona) land that Shaka pushed them up north to modern day Zimbabwe. That is true. If boaders where correctly drawn, that would leave Pretoria and Johanesburg in Zimbabwe, with MUNHUMUTAPA empire streatching to the Indian Ocean.

    Zimbabwean CONCERNED Says:

    May 19, 2008 at 3:59 am
    I am a Zimbabwean of African descent. I was living in Zimbabwe during the days of South Africa’s quest for self determination. I still remember days when certain places in Harare where no go areas, for fear of bombings from Apartheid South Africa’s terrorist Agents. Innocent Zimbabweans paid the Ultimate Price. Many of them with their lives.
    Zimbabwe led the FRONT-LINE states, a coalition of African states determined to see an end to apartheid. After a protracted fight, at the expense of development in Zimbabwe, Africa prevailed. The end of apartheid was the hope, dreams and aspirations o all Africans, of all races, of religions, of all nationalities.
    Today the independence of South Africa is unfortunately a partial success. Black South Africans own less than 15% of private wealth in South Africa. The figure is much less for combined black ownership of major South African Corporation. None of the top 15 companies are black owned. This is despite the black South Africans constituting 80% 0f the total population. In terms of inequality and poverty that is rampant, South Africa internal cohesion remains ticking time BOMB.
    Black Zimbabweans had nuclear weapons hanging over their heads, during the apartheid days. Zimbabwe was the CLEAR and PRESENT danger to Apartheid. Now black Zimbabweans fleeing economic hardship in their country have become a convenient scapegoat for the problems faced by black South Africans. NONE of the xenophobic anger expressed by South Africans’ is aimed at their WHITE MASTERS. (I don’t mean this in any racist way) South Africans have collectively accepted that there are inferior to White people. Their residual feelings of grander, and perhaps relative superiority is falsely contrasted against other poor black immigrants ironically the very ones that paid the price for South Africa’s independence. You should never bite the hand that feeds you and hope to get away . Not forever.
    I have personally lost a dear brother because of this hatred, lack of respect for black life (especially foreigners – Bro. Chigutire shot in the head at point blank range. No day goes by without me thinking of him.). I feel for my fellow Zimbabwean who have to endure this hatred, violence and abuse at the hands of other black people. Tribalism for Zimbabwean in South Africa has become just as bad as Apartheid used to be for us. The MEDIA have found something to fend and feast on. What do their care; they have fired up some of this hatred by their sensational and heartless reporting. The South African leadership couldn’t care less. They have never truly cared for Zimbabweans, and they will not start even with ZUMA. They stand and do nothing, and in a way, the violence against Zimbabweans, works as a tool in their hands, a scapegoat for their failure to truly liberate South Africans financially.
    What shall we then say as Zimbabweans? APARTHEID WILL RISE NEVER AGAIN. NEVER!

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