long term solution to global food shortage

 The rise in price for rice and wheat does not translate into increase for farmers.


On the contrary, inflation across the board has added to their costs.  They have to fork up more, upfront, for fertilizer and fuel.


It is making less sense for them to continue just when the world needs them most.  Many of them are evaluating other options:  They may switch to lucrative cash crops like biofuel crops.


Or worse, they could throw in the towel altogether.  After all, the money they cash out from selling their land would sustain them for a while.


This calls for coordinated efforts by local authorities, regional governments, international organizations and agricultural research institutes.  They should come together to brainstorm, plan, optimize and enforce land use, and provide assistance and incentives for existing farmers to hang on. 


And while they are at it, they should also educate the masses and raise farmers’ social standing to encourage a continuous succession of generations of agricultural professionals.




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