the line between civilisation and anarchy

 UN World Food Program executive director Josette Sheeran, in addresing US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, quoted that there are only seven meals between civilisation and potential anarchy. 


“At the seventh meal lost, people are reduced to fending for their survival and the survival of their children..”


Most of us are blessed enough not to have to verify the truth of this saying.


The reality out there is that the current global food crisis has sparked riots in more than 30 countries, and is threatening world peace and stability.


Perhaps we can do our bit by not wasting, hoarding or speculating commodity prices for personal gains.




One response to “the line between civilisation and anarchy

  1. Step-out of the MUNDANE, experience the SANE:

    WARNING: crazy GWB plans to attack Iran, thus, soon martial law will be put into effect when that happens; one week?? before November 4th, ’08, be ready for a ‘coup d’etat’ (overthrow of government). Doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, live free or die.

    I believe this to be true, everything fits, too: the coming of Christ, the vitriolic chaos in the middle east, the FEMA/foreign troops on standby, 9/11 ‘terrorist’ attack, the Prez who LIEd like a rug, the concentration camps in our country but nobody in them, the superficial feces on your TV to blind you from reality, the way our youth have lost touch with sanity, etc, etc, etc…

    Let’s hope this never happens, but if a ‘coup’ (French, pronounced: ‘koo’) occurs in our own nation like I’m pretty sure it will, what’re you gonna do?? You gonna stand and fight?? or be rounded-up like sheep to be led to the slaughter?? Six months. Chop, chop.

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